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1886 Enterprise Meat Chopper #22~~PICS~~
Lost Creek WV 26385

Category:  Kitchen & Housewares : Small Appliances
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</td></tr></table><table align=center cellpadding=8 width='93%' border=7 cellspacing=0 bgcolor='White'><BR><BR><!-- Image ABOVE Text --><BR><tr><td align=CENTER width='1%' bgcolor="#FFFF00"><img align=top hspace=5 border=3 src=''></td><td bgcolor="#FFFF00"><img align=top hspace=5 border=3 src=''></td></tr><tr><td bgcolor="#FFFF00"><img align=top hspace=5 border=3 src=''></td><td valign=top align=left bgcolor="whitesmoke"><!-- Item Title --><center><font face='Comic Sans MS' color='Blue' size=6><i><b>Enterprise MFG CO.</i></b><BR></font></center><!-- Item SubTitle --><center><font face='Comic Sans MS' color='Blue +' size=4>Meat Chopper<BR><BR></font><!-- Item Description --><font face='Comic Sans MS' color='Black' size=4>Made in Philada PA. Very heavy and solid chopper in working condition. The last line on top appears to read IMF'D 1886 #22.Weighs a little over 10Lbs.<br><br><center><font color="#0000FF">Buyer pays actual s/h.<br>West Virginia residents add 6% sales tax.<br>Insurance is optional.<br>**************<br><font color="#FF0000">Happy Hunting! </font><BR></td></tr></table>

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