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  javabeanguy's Garage

21 packs Real Gourmet Coffee
Allentown PA 18103

Category:  Gourmet Food : Coffee
Belong to: javabeanguy email: Sign In or Register to access email addresses
9 - New

<HTML><!-- Background Image URL --><BODY BACKGROUND=><!-- Define the table --><table align=center cellpadding=8 width=\'93%\' border=7 cellspacing=0 bgcolor=\'Black\'><td valign=top align=left><!-- Item Title --><center><font face=\'Arial\' color=\'Blue\' size=6>21 PACKS REAL GOURMET COFFEE</font></center><!-- Item SubTitle --><center><font face=\'Arial\' color=\'Lavender\' size=4>SEALED AIR TIGHT PACKS</font></center><!-- Item Description --><BR><font face=\'Arial\' color=\'Yellow\' size=3><CENTER>21 (1.75 OUNCE) PACKS EACH MAKES 1 PERFECT POT OF DELICIOUS COFFEE.<BR> 3 HAZELNUT & CREME,<BR> 3 TOASTED ALMOND,<BR> 3 CHOCOLATE NIGHTMARE,<BR> 3 VANILLA FANTASIA,<BR> 3 RAINFOREST CARAMEL CRUNCH,<BR> 3 CHOCOLATE RASPBERRY, <BR> 3 CALIFORNIA GOLD<BR> 100% PURE ARABICA COFFEE.<BR> WE HAVE BEEN IN THE GOURMET COFFEE ROASTING BUSINESS OVER 16 YEARS.<BR><BR><BR><I><H2>WE ACCEPT MASTERCARD & VISA</H2><I><BR><img src=><BR><BR><BR><I><H1> Shipping</H1> <I><BR>Shipping for this item is $5.00.<BR> Combine it with any of our other items and still pay only $5.00 <BR>Java Nice Day!<BR>Randy Fasig<BR>When in eastern PA. visit one of our Caffe\'s<BR><BR><embed src=\"\" align=\"baseline\" border=\"0\" width=\"16\" height=\"16\" autostart=\"true\" volume=\"20\" loop=\"true\"><BR>email me for a free snail mail catalog.</CENTER></font><!-- Wrapper for Hyperlinks --><center><I><B><font face=\'Arial\' color=\'Black\' size=2><BR>Click below to...<!-- Link To My Auctions --><BR><A HREF= TARGET=_BLANK>View my other auctions</A><!-- Link To My WebPage --><BR><A HREF= TARGET=_BLANK>Visit my Web Page</A><!-- Link To Send Me Email --><BR><A HREF=mailto:[email removed]> send me email: [email removed]</A></FONT></B></I></CENTER><!-- Close Table --></td></tr><!-- Image BELOW Text --><tr><td align=CENTER width=\'1%\'><img align=top hspace=5 src=\'\'><img align=top hspace=5 src=\'\'></td></tr></table><!-- EZAD signature --><B><font face=\'Times New Roman\' color=\'Black\' size=2> <A HREF=\'\'>Auction Ad Pro by FCWD</A></FONT></B>

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