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Mechanical and Electrical Systems in Buildings
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Mechanical and Electrical Systems in Buildings (2nd Edition) [Hardcover] William K. Y. Tao (Author), Richard R. Janis (Author) Book Description Publication Date: January 15, 2001 | ISBN-10: 0130137111 | ISBN-13: 978-0130137111 | Edition: 2nd For undergraduate-level courses in Building Mechanical Systems, Building Electrical Systems, and Illumination offered to students in Construction Technology, Architecture, Civil Technology, and Interior Design and Building Engineering.Designed to bridge the ever-widening gap between textbooks and the realities that confront engineering, and construction professionals, this text provides an overview of the principles and applications of all basic mechanical and electrical systems--with a focus on what, why, and basic design data examples. It explores emerging technology and environmental issues, and makes reference to essential engineering calculations and condensed data to illustrate principles.

Mechanical and Electrical Systems in Buildings
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