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Laptop HP Tablet NoteBook PAVILION TX1000 1GB 100GB DVD-RW Window
Picture available Photo below. El Paso TX 79912

Category:  Computers : Laptops & Notebooks
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<div id=\"page\" jquery[Phone Number removed]150859=\"145\"> <div id=\"center_column\"> <div id=\"more_info_block\" class=\"clear\"> <div id=\"more_info_sheets\" class=\"sheets align_justify\"><div id=\"idTab1\" class=\"rte\"> <div id=\"idTab1\"> <h3>Product specs</h3> <div id=\"spec_col_01\"> <div> <h4>General</h4> <ul> <li><label>Type: </label>Tablet </li><li><label>Form factor: </label>Convertible </li><li><label>Bundled OS: </label>Windows 7 Starter Pre Installed </li></ul></div> <div> <h4>Display</h4> <ul> <li><label>Screen size: </label>12.1 inches </li><li><label>Screen resolution: </label>1280 x 800 </li><li><label>Aspect ratio: </label>5:4 </li><li><label>Screen type: </label>LCD (Active, Color, Backlit, CCFL) </li><li><label>Touchscreen: </label>Resistive [stylus] </li><li><label>Screen surface: </label>Matte / anti-glare </li></ul></div> <div> <h4>Processor</h4> <ul> <li><label>Processor make: </label>AMD </li><li><label>CPU family: </label>Turion 64 (mobile) </li><li><label>CPU model: </label>5600 </li><li><label>Processor speed: </label>1.8 GHz </li><li><label>Number of cores: </label>Dual-core </li><li><label>Cache size: </label>1 MB L2 cache </li></ul></div> <div> <h4>Optical media</h4> <ul> <li><label>Optical drive: </label>Removable </li><li><label>Disc loading type: </label>Tray loading </li><li><label>Readable optical media: </label>DVD, CD </li><li><label>Optical write support: </label>Yes </li><li><label>Writable optical media: </label>DVD, CD </li><li><label>Writable DVD formats: </label>DVD-R (8x), DVD-RW (8x), DVD+R (8x, DL [double layer]), DVD+RW (8x), DVD-RAM (8x) </li><li><label>CD formats: </label>CD-R (8x), CD-RW (8x) </li></ul></div> <div> <h4>Networking</h4> <ul> <li><label>WiFi: </label>802.11 b, g </li><li><label>WiFi encryption: </label>WEP, WPA, WPA2 </li><li><label>Ethernet: </label>10/100 [Fast Ethernet] </li><li><label>Analog modem: </label>56k </li></ul></div> <h3>Additional <abbr title=\"specifications\">specs</abbr></h3> <div> <h4>Video</h4> <ul> <li><label>Graphics adapter: </label>Integrated </li><li><label>Graphics (integrated): </label>NVIDIA (GeForce) </li><li><label>GPU model: </label>6150 </li><li><label>Video RAM: </label>128 MB </li><li><label>Memory type: </label>Shared </li><li><label>Video outputs: </label>S-Video, VGA </li></ul></div> <div> <h4>Memory details</h4> <ul> <li><label>RAM bus / speed: </label>DDR2 (667) </li><li>1GB Memory Installed </li><li><label>Memory package: </label>200-pin SODIMM </li><li><label>RAM slots: </label>2 slots (total)<br>2 slots (occupied) </li><li><label>Maximum RAM: </label>1 GB (system)<br>2 GB (per module) </li></ul></div> <div> <h4>Storage details</h4> <ul> <li><label>Storage interface: </label>SATA 100GB </li></ul></div> <div> <h4>System</h4> <ul> <li><label>Chipset: </label>AMD </li><li><label>Chipset model: </label>Turion 64 X2 mobile technology TL-56 </li><li><label>System bus speed: </label>1600 MHz </li></ul></div> <div> <h4>Slots / bays / chassis</h4> <ul> <li><label>Card slots: </label>ExpressCard (34) </li><li><label>External / removable drive bays: </label>Optical drive, Secondary battery </li></ul></div> <div> <h4>Environmental</h4> <ul> <li><label>System cooling: </label>Fan-cooled </li></ul></div> <h4>Other features</h4> <ul> <li><label>Docking station port: </label>Yes </li><li><label>Fingerprint reader: </label>Yes </li><li><label>IR port: </label>Yes </li><li><label>Remote (included): </label>Other batteries </li><li><label>Integrated webcam: </label>Yes </li><li><label>Security lock slot: </label>Yes </li></ul><br> <div> <h4>Memory and storage (basic)</h4> <ul> <li><label>System RAM:&nbsp;1</label> GB </li><li><label>Hard drive(s): 10</label>0 GB (total)<br>Platter </li></ul></div> <div> <h4>Battery</h4> <ul> <li><label>Battery type: </label>Li-ion </li><li><label>Battery access: </label>Removable </li></ul></div> <div> <h4>Input</h4> <ul> <li><label>Keyboard: </label>Yes </li><li><label>Pointing device: </label>Trackpad </li></ul></div> <div> <h4>Connections</h4> <ul> <li><label>USB: </label>2.0 (3 ports) </li></ul></div> <div> <h4>Size and weight</h4> <ul> <li><label>Dimensions: </label>1.5 inches (h) 12 inches (w) 8.8 inches (d) </li><li><label>Weight: </label>4.2 pounds </li></ul></div> <div>Additional <abbr title=\"specifications\">specs</abbr></div> <div> <h4>Audio</h4> <ul> <li><label>Audio inputs: </label>3.5mm </li><li><label>Audio outputs: </label>3.5mm </li><li><label>Audio channels: </label>Stereo </li><li><label>Built-in microphone: </label>Yes </li><li><label>Speakers: </label>Stereo </li></ul></div> <div> <h4>Memory card reader</h4> <ul> <li><label>Memory card reader: </label>Yes </li><li><label>Memory card support: </label>SD (SDHC), MMC, Memory Stick PRO Duo, Memory Stick PRO, Memory Stick, xD </li></ul></div> <div> <h4>Product info</h4> <ul> <li><label>Manufacturer warranty: </label>90 days </li><li>Power consumption </li></ul></div> <div> <ul> <li><label>Active: </label>65 W </li><li><label>Idle: </label>65 W </li><li><label>Power type: </label>120 - 230 V </li></ul></div> <div> <h4>Environmental</h4> <ul> <li><label>Energy Star compliant: </label>Yes </li></ul></div></div></div></div></div></div></div> </div>

Laptop HP Tablet NoteBook PAVILION TX1000 1GB 100GB DVD-RW Window
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