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Various Outdoor Books for Sale
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1) The Complete Wilderness Training Manual by Hugh McManners (and Boy Scouts of America) --A practical guide to mastering outdoor skills and staying alive in challenging environments, this book enables everyone - expert and novice alike - to answer the call of the wild with confidence. In very good condition. 2) Complete Outdoors Encyclopedia by Vin T. Sparano. --Chapters on hunting, fishing, camping, boating, archery, guns, shooting, world record fish and game, first aid, safety, big game, small game, predators, game birds, hunting dogs, etc. Tons of pictures and diagrams. In fair to good condition. 3) The L. L. Bean Guide to the Outdoors by Bill Riviera --Filled with information and advice on choosing the right outdoor equipment. For example: why should you never buy an axe with a painted handle? What kind of wood makes the best kindling? What kind of tent will best prevent ground moisture and many many more answers. In good condition. All 3 books for $10

Various Outdoor Books for Sale

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