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Estate Sale Leftovers Garage Sale
Liberty MO 64068

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<p id=\"yui_3_16_0_ym19_1_[Phone Number removed]076816_16840\" class=\"yiv[Phone Number removed]827MsoNormal\">Parents’ estate/my garage sale&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; 1409 Telford Drive&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Liberty&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Sat Apr 30th 7am – 2pm&nbsp; ….Sun 7am – 11am</p><p id=\"yui_3_16_0_ym19_1_[Phone Number removed]076816_16841\" class=\"yiv[Phone Number removed]827MsoNormal\">Have been chomping at the bit all winter to have a garage sale, especially since I spent many fall and winter Saturdays cleaning/clearing/decluttering my parents’ house.&nbsp; And here are the results: </p><p class=\"yiv[Phone Number removed]827MsoNormal\">Capris – about 100 pair&nbsp;&nbsp; barely worn: white, jeans, black, brown….$3each</p><p class=\"yiv[Phone Number removed]827MsoNormal\">Clothing – ladies shirts, capris(size 12, 14, 16), ON activeware, black leather coat, guys shirts, jackets, T-shirts</p><p id=\"yui_3_16_0_ym19_1_[Phone Number removed]076816_16842\" class=\"yiv[Phone Number removed]827MsoNormal\">Chiefs clothing</p><p id=\"yui_3_16_0_ym19_1_[Phone Number removed]076816_16810\" class=\"yiv[Phone Number removed]827MsoNormal\">K State clothing, including a snuggley</p><p id=\"yui_3_16_0_ym19_1_[Phone Number removed]076816_16809\" class=\"yiv[Phone Number removed]827MsoNormal\">Purses – 50 of them, yes 50!&nbsp; Many barely used….<strong id=\"yui_3_16_0_ym19_1_[Phone Number removed]076816_16808\">NAMES!!</strong></p><p id=\"yui_3_16_0_ym19_1_[Phone Number removed]076816_16807\" class=\"yiv[Phone Number removed]827MsoNormal\">Gift bags, all sizes – over 100 never used bags, seriously!!</p><p class=\"yiv[Phone Number removed]827MsoNormal\">Other shopping bag type bags</p><p class=\"yiv[Phone Number removed]827MsoNormal\">Kitchen ware</p><p id=\"yui_3_16_0_ym19_1_[Phone Number removed]076816_16843\" class=\"yiv[Phone Number removed]827MsoNormal\">Household items – knick knacks</p><p id=\"yui_3_16_0_ym19_1_[Phone Number removed]076816_16844\" class=\"yiv[Phone Number removed]827MsoNormal\">Glassware – bottles, oil lamps, décor</p><p id=\"yui_3_16_0_ym19_1_[Phone Number removed]076816_16845\" class=\"yiv[Phone Number removed]827MsoNormal\">Safari décor items – mirror, animal print sheers, pillows</p><p id=\"yui_3_16_0_ym19_1_[Phone Number removed]076816_16846\" class=\"yiv[Phone Number removed]827MsoNormal\">Celestial items for bedroom and bath</p><p id=\"yui_3_16_0_ym19_1_[Phone Number removed]076816_16847\" class=\"yiv[Phone Number removed]827MsoNormal\">Princess House crystal</p><p id=\"yui_3_16_0_ym19_1_[Phone Number removed]076816_16848\" class=\"yiv[Phone Number removed]827MsoNormal\">Halloween décor – candles, small items</p><p id=\"yui_3_16_0_ym19_1_[Phone Number removed]076816_16849\" class=\"yiv[Phone Number removed]827MsoNormal\">Textbooks,&nbsp; fiction books</p><p id=\"yui_3_16_0_ym19_1_[Phone Number removed]076816_16751\" class=\"yiv[Phone Number removed]827MsoNormal\">King size comforter/2 big decorative pillows, a bit of the underside is bleached and a few holes(no idea what my hubby was doing on his side of the bed)…..$30</p><p id=\"yui_3_16_0_ym19_1_[Phone Number removed]076816_16850\" class=\"yiv[Phone Number removed]827MsoNormal\">Blue quilt – full size…$20</p><p id=\"yui_3_16_0_ym19_1_[Phone Number removed]076816_16851\" class=\"yiv[Phone Number removed]827MsoNormal\">Full size sheet set, blue….$8</p><p id=\"yui_3_16_0_ym19_1_[Phone Number removed]076816_16852\" class=\"yiv[Phone Number removed]827MsoNormal\">Nail polish – 50+ bottles, some opened, some not</p><p id=\"yui_3_16_0_ym19_1_[Phone Number removed]076816_16853\" class=\"yiv[Phone Number removed]827MsoNormal\"> &nbsp;</p><p id=\"yui_3_16_0_ym19_1_[Phone Number removed]076816_16854\" class=\"yiv[Phone Number removed]827MsoNormal\">My Square will be working, so can take payment with credit cards.&nbsp; Yay!!!</p>

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