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Item Condition info page. does not try to set the criteria by which items are graded, rated or judged. And because there are so many different methods used between categories of items, would rather not have a condition and leave it up to the sellers decription to adequately describe a product based on the industry standards for each individual item. However we have choosen to include a simple 1 to 10 condition for the purpose of supplying a method of declaring a condition for items that have sold. We have an interest in a sold items condition for the purpose of supplying buyers with a simple method of comparison with market trends and fair market value. Please keep in mind that the description of your item should include any category specific condition statements for items that require it. Here is our scale for condition grading and Judging items that otherwise would have none:

Unknown Condition 0 is unknown for whatever reason. We can't think of anything more risky than "UnKnown".
Problems Condition 1 is problems with the item.
Poor Condition 2 is poor condition, could be alot better.
Fair Condition 3 is fair condition .
OK Condition 4 is OK condition no major problem and typical wear/ageing.
Good Condition 5 is Good condition.
Nice Condition 6 is Nice condition.
Used Condition 7 is Used condition, in great shape but it has been used.
Used Once Condition 8 is Used Once condition in like new shape except it has been used once.
New Condition 9 is not the best condition an item was or is ever available. We can only think of one thing better than "New".
New In Box Condition 10 is the best condition an item was or is ever available. We can't think of anything better than "New in the Box".

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