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X-Men Collectible Comic Books/INFERNO X-MEN/THE UNCANNY X-MEN
Picture available Photo below. Ontario CA 91764

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Very Good
X-MEN: <ol> <li>Marvel Comics 2 Sept Vol. 1. Sept. ’93. X-MEN UNLIMITED POINT BLINK. Direct Edition. <li>Marvel Comic 64 Page Annual X-MEN 2 ’93. New Character Trading Card Inside! Featuring The Pulse-Pounding Premiere Of A Brand New MARVEL Superstar! Direct Edition. <li>Marvel 42 Mid Dec The Dark Phoenix Saga Classic X-MEN . Special Second Story.. Featuring Mr. Sinister and The Childhood Of CYCLOPS! INFERNO X-MEN <li>Marvel : INFERNO 241 Feb. ’88. X-MEN A Son For The Goblin Queen! At Last! The Startling Secret Of MADELYNE PRYOR! <li>Marvel: INFERNO 242 Mar ’88. X-MEN Giant-Sized Spectacular! The ORIGINALS ARE BACK.. X-FACTOR! <li>Marvel: INFERNO 240 Jan ’88. X-MEN N’ASTIRH! MR. SINISTER! THE GOBLIN QUEEN! THE MARAUDERS! This One’s Got It All! <li>Marvel : INFERNO 243 Apr.’89 X-MEN SINISTER TRIUMPHANT! THE UNCANNY X-MEN <li>Marvel Comics Celebrating 30 Years Of X-MEN 304 Sept ’93. The Uncanny X-MEN Fatal Attrections An Offer Of Salvation… A Betrayal Most Bitter! Direct Edition. Comes with a Hologram Collector Card… <li>Marvel Comics 252 Mid Nov ’89. The Uncanny X-MEN, <li>Marvel 253 Late Nov. ’89. The Uncanny X-MEN Featuring…. Magneto’s Journey To Mur Island! The Return Of Forge! And Banshee’s Rescue Of Lorna Dane! The Escape Of Jubilee and Wolverine! <li>Marvel 249 Early Oct ’89. The Uncanny X-MEN . <li>Marvel 250 Late Oct ’89. The Uncanny X-MEN Guest-Starring KAZAR! Polaris No More! <li>Marvel 251 Early Nov ’89. The Uncanny X-MEN <li>Marvel 246 Jul ’89. The Uncanny X-MEN Enter The MASTER MOLD! <li>Marvel 247 Aug ’89. The Uncanny X-MEN witness the Fearul Fate Of an X-Man! What Price Victory? <li>Marvel 248 Sept. ’89. The Uncanny X-MEN (Why Havok? Why did you Kill STORM!?) <li>Marvel 244 May ’89 The Uncanny X-MEN (M Squad!) <li>Marvel 245 Jun ’89.The Uncanny X-MEN <li>Marvel Comics Annual Shatter Shot 64 Pages 1 ’92. Part 4 X-FORCE . </ol> ask for len [Phone Number removed]. Ontario,Ca. if mailed add $8.00

X-Men Collectible Comic Books/INFERNO X-MEN/THE UNCANNY X-MEN

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