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  Kellhugroo's Garage

Pink Depression Glass, Royal Lace
Lincoln NE 68510

Category:  Kitchen & Housewares : Tableware
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Very Good
Pattern: Royal Lace Depression Glass Manufacturer: Hazel Atlas Glass Company Dates Manufactured: 1934 - 1941 Color: Pink 13\" Oval Platter (1 piece) 9 7/8\" Dinner plates (5 pieces) 6\" Bread and Butter plates (6 pieces) Saucers (6 pieces) Cups (6 pieces) 10\" Round Berry bowl (1 piece) Footed Creamer (1 piece) Footed Open Sugar (1 piece) Footed Sherbet (6 pieces)<br><br>If interested, I can get pictures to you.&nbsp; They are too large to upload here.

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