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Pop Top Messenger Bag
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Category:  Apparel & Accessories : Women's Accessories & Handbags
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Masha Pop Top Messenger Bag<br> by Escama Studio<br> <br> NEW , NEVER USED<br> <br> RETAILS FOR $190.00 / SELLING FOR $70.<br> <br> Pop-top Messenger bag, \'Masha\' is a cross-body purse for women who want a hands-free bag. Hand crocheted in Brazil, it is a recycled, fair traded fashion accessory. <br> <br> Intricately hand crocheted purse uses over one thousand post-consumer recycled soda tabs.<br> Crochet with pull-tab exterior is supple and smooth to the touch.<br> Fully lined fabric interior and one inside zipped pocket.<br> Zipper closure and an exterior flap<br> Shoulder strap with hand crocheted liner for comfort<br> Size: 11.5\"L x 9\"H x 2\"D<br> Strap drop 24\"<br> <br> PRODUCT INFO:  

Pop Top Messenger Bag

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