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What is a 20 item Yard Sale ?

The Yard Sale, this sale is our most inexpensive method for very short term sales. The GarageSaleHomePage concept redefines online classifieds (and is by far the best way to sell anything on the Internet). Sellers can use their Yard Sale to list all sorts items that they want to sell, everything from new iems that they can sell on the Internet to something that has been sitting in their attic for 15 years. The real beauty of this sale is when you compare the price of our site to a local newspaper classified ads or any online service, you realize that we provide the most value for your money.

In this type of sale, you can list 20 items at a fraction of any competitors price. In addition you can update and add new items all the time as long as you maintain an open sale. Find that any place else.

  1. The 20 item Yard Sale is our least expensive method of selling items, with a minimal fee that puts all newspaper and magazine classified prices to shame.
  2. The YardSale last for 30 days with a limit of 20 slots for items.
  3. When you sell some of your items you can replace them with other items you want to sell next. That's right you are renting the Yard sale space from us so if you keep selling your items you can keep filling up your yard at no additional cost.
How people find your Yard Sale?
We have set up our search database so that people can find items that you have for sale easily. People can search by keyword, item number, or by the name of the Yard Sale, so make sure you tell the people the name of your Yard Sale and we will take them to it.

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