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GarageSaleHomePage.Com is the home of NO auction trading.

Why no auction? We find that auctions are great but they do not work for everybody and they especially do not work for selling a lot of different items. I am sure if you have used an auction site at one time or another you have had an experience when an auction was not the best way to sell your item. Or how about the time you were sure you were going to get something for a great price only to be beaten out at the last minute. GarageSaleHomePage.Com has discovered the best way to buy or sell items on the Internet (or anywhere else for that matter).

Why this site works so well for the seller? You post the items for the price you want to sell them for, you tell the people up front if the price is flexible or firm and then you let the buyers do the rest. When they click on your item we take them to your item and a link to everything else you have in your garage.

Its just as good for the buyer. When a buyer find an item they see exactly what the price is; they will even see if the price is negotiable or if a trade would be considered. If a buyer likes your item they can contact you and even see all the items you have for sale. The buyer can see if you have posted an image of the item, and what types of payment options are available from the seller.

So try the GarageSaleHomePage.Com way. We know you will see how we have changed the way people will buy and sell their items on the Internet.

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