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GarageSaleHomePage.Com is the home of NO auction trading.

No Auction Contests
Join our NO AUCTION!!! contests.
The Best Contests on the planet!
The Best Prizes on the planet!
Keep checking back here, Contests are coming soon!!!!!!!!

If you can impress the "Wright" judge you could be a winner. Here is a sampling of what we are looking for:
1. Looks like we have our first contest! - Guess the number of items in the Splash Garage. If you are right...... you could win a prize!! See rules below. Mail your guess to contests@GarageSaleHomePage.com (When we turn it on). Be sure to include your Garage/Yard Name (username) and email address.

Find Cloe (She's only 7 years old)
Most Cluttered Garage Image
Most Clean Garage Image
Best Cartoon Garage Image
Best Halloween Garage Theme/Image
Best Thanksgiving Garage Theme/Image
Best Christmas Garage Theme/Image
Best New Year Garage Theme/Image
Best Valentine Garage Theme/Image

Very simple. We pick the winners when we want (or have the time). We reserve the right to not award a prize to any participant. We reserve the right to award a prize to any and every participant. We just want to have fun. If it's not fun we won't do it!
We reserve the right to keep and use any submittal to our contests, as we see fit, without reimbursement to the submitter. You are not eligable to enter our contests if you know the answer because you know someone that is on the inside of GarageSaleHomePage.com. If you know us then don't play the dumb contests, just ask us for a prize (T-Shirt).
If any of our contests are against the law in your state then we aren't having that contest in your state. (That would make you non-eligible). If any of our contests are unfair or subject to investigation by any government agency then we aren't having that contest in your state. (That would make you non-eligible). If any other rules are needed we will add them without notifying anyone. (You could enter a contest and then the contest could be non-existent).

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