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What Edit for the Garage and Yard owners does.


When you Sign In!! to your Garage/Yard you will see an 'Add item' form (If you havn't reached your limit {30/20}). Below the 'Add Item' form is a list of all the items you have in your Garage/Yard. There are three tools to the left of each item. If you want to 'Edit' an item from your Garage/Yard click on the Edit icon on the line with the item you want to edit. When you have done this you will be taken to an 'Edit' item page. All the information for that item will be displayed. Enter any changes you want to make then click on the "Update This Item" button to enter your changes. Note: You can change everything about this item, even the 'Item Name', however, keep in mind that each item has a unique item number and a buyers comments can only be left for an item (Number) one time. By editing an item and replacing it with a new item you limit the number of item specific comments that can be left about you. It is recommended that you 'Sold' the item and then add a new item. This will not effect the number of items you have in your Garage/Yard. You may rotate items through your Garage/Yard as much as you like.

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