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Q:- My items images are broken or not working?
A: -When you add a 'URL' path to an image for an item in the item editor page, your image will be displayed in the items details page and the fact that a picture is available will be shown in many search result pages. Follow 'URL' rules when you enter the image path. Here are some simple guidelines:
1. Enter the complete URL ("http://yourISP.com/~Yourhome/imagedirectory/imagename.jpg")
2. Do not include the quotes.
3. Do not use spaces in the URL or file name.
4. Use only '.gif' or '.jpg' file types.
5. Use the exact character case (ie;'.GIF' or '.jpg') as you use at the files location.{Some servers will and some will NOT respect character case}
6. You can test an image URL in the location field in your web browser. If the Image URL is correct the image will be displayed in the browser window.

Q:- Why can't I use my back button off of a listed item?
A: -From a list we often cause our links to open a new window to keep your found set available in the original window. Sometimes the new window appears over the old window in such a way as to appear to be the same window with new information in it. Of course the new window has no history and thus no 'Back' to go to. Once finished with researching your listed item, you can simply dismiss the front window and you still have the list in the original window.
Q:- I continuously create links to "My Garage" yet, the next day the link goes to another garage?
A: -The Garage Sale Home Page site is rapidly growing and changing. Many of the links are created dynamically and should not be booked marked because they may not point to the same page. For a permanent link to your Garage/Yard use the "My Garage" button (in the header of every page). At the 'Sign In' page enter your username and password, click the 'continue' button to go to the Garage/Yard editor page. To the right of your Garage/Yard name is a 'Tools' table. The last item in the table is a link to your Garage/Yard that you can copy and paste as a permanent link to your Garage/Yard.
Q:- What happens if a purchase arrives damaged or does not work?
A: -Many things could cause dissatisfaction with an item purchased via the internet. Below are some tips to help avoid disaster. We would like to address everything that can go wrong, however due to the nature of the "Garage Sale" environment we admit their is no way we can predict every possible problem that may arise. Please be cautious and exersize appropriate precautions with appropriate financial risk and always remember 'caveat emptor' Buyer Beware!: 1. Financial loss due to shipping damage can be avoided with insurance. 2. Condition dissapointments can be avoided with photographs and detailed descriptions. 3. Hi financial risk can be avoided with a Brokerage service. A brokerage service will hold the transactions funds until the item is delivered and accepted.
Q:- Why does my Garage background image not show up on my Garage Sale Home Page?
A: -Many things could cause the image not to show up. Here are some more common one's: 1. If you don't have any items in your Garage/Yard Sale your background image will be our default image. (Solution) Add an Item to your Sale. 2. Malformed URL - Double check your background image path and be sure to handle the uppercase file names properly.
Q:- How do I change my e-mail address, or my address?
A: -1. From any page click on the "My Garage" button and enter your username and password in the 'Sign In' form. (Click the 'continue' button to Sign In).
2. Step one should result in taking you to your Garage. Below the GarageSaleHomePage Banner and Menu (Buttons) you should see "XYourX" Garage! followed by a 'Tools' Table. In the 'Tools' Table is a link too "Edit your Address 'User Options'". Click on the "User Options" link.
3. You should see the fields you need to change your address/e-mail address. And you will need to enter your password to submit the changes.
Q:- How do I receive payment for my items?
A: GarageSaleHomePage.com doesn't charge a fee or percentage for the sale of your items. Since we are only involved in the advertising of your items it is up to the buyer and seller to resolve the payment method. There are many third party "Brokers" available on the internet to protect the buyers and sellers. GarageSaleHomePage.com will make a sellers e-mail address available to Registered Users. Registration is free and is a part of the "History" for each buyer and seller.
Q:- How do I enter my Garage and enter/edit my items?
A: If you can't remember your password try our Hint page. Then click on the "My Garage" button in the menu at the top of all of the GarageSaleHomePage.com pages. The "My Garage" button will take you to a page with a form to enter your username and password. Enter the appropriate information and click on the "Continue" button and you will enter your "Garage Edit" page. Scroll down past the "Tools" and "Options" links and you will see a form to enter "New" items into your Garage (If you have room for more items). Below the "New item" form is a list of all the items in your garage. In the far left column are the tools to make changes to the individual items. Click on the "Edit" (Pencil/Eraser Icon) to change an item.

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