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The History Center:

The History Center at GarageSaleHomePage.Com, Inc. is the place were users can research transactions, provide transaction and user feedback, or maybe get an idea what something should be valued at.

This area is probably the section that will grow the most over the next year. As you might imagine, the more information that enters this part of the system the better it will get.

User involvement here is very important.

The History Center is broken up into three sections.

Section one:

Transaction feedback:
This is the area were a user can provide comments concerning a certain transaction that was conducted. Usually this feedback is provided after the selling price and all terms have been agreed upon between the buyer and the seller, the item has been shipped and received by the end user.

This may not always be the case. If a seller is misrepresenting an item or not dealing in good faith, we want to know about it. This is the place to tell us and everyone else.

Section two:

Item estimated value.

This section serves as a recent history of what similiar items may have sold for in the past. Thus giving you the user a best shot at pricing your item correctly from the start.

Use this section with caution as the selling value of an item in this system is only a raw estimate and will only be more value as the quantity of similiar sold items increases.

Section three:

Transaction and user metrics.

This section serves as a location to monitor the size and scope of the customer base and items sold quantity. See Truth, Lies and Stats.

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