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How the GarageSaleHomePage Find page works?

The Search everywhere form.
The easiest way to find anything on GarageSaleHomePage.Com is by using the Search everywhere form on the Search page. The Find button does just what it sounds like it does; it takes the information that you have typed in the Search everywhere box and searches for it in the Name and Descriptions. This method is great for all users who are browsing for items on GarageSaleHomePage.Com.

The Find a GarageSaleHomePage form.
For this search you need to know the users name of the GarageSaleHomePage. This method works great when you have been refereed to this site buy a friend or an associate and want to see what they have for sale. This form also makes it easy for people who have been doing business with a particular seller and want a quick way to see the items that they have for sale.

Item Number lookup.
The Item Number lookup can only be used if you know the item number. You can use this method when you are looking for an item in our database. Lets say you had made an offer on an item but the seller did not think it was a fair price and wanted to hold onto the item for the time being. A couple of days or weeks later you can do an Item Number lookup and we will take you right to the item listing. You will have the status of the item and be able to tell quickly if the price has changed.

Search Sold Items.
This works like our Search everywhere form, but it is to be used when you are looking for an item that you can no longer find in our active database. This search can be helpfull because it will give you a better idea of the value of certian items that you may be interested in buying.

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