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Image guidelines for GarageSaleHomePage.com

GarageSaleHomePage.com uses some pretty simple rules for image guidelines. We really host very little images we have been setup to point to your images or graphics. That in itself tends to work well all around the internet. For those technical types, an image any place on the web makes a great link. For example:
If you are selling a new TV model X, then instead of taking a picture or scanning in the image, then figuring out a way to upload the image, just point to the picture/image link on the manufacturers web page. Ahhhhhhhhhh!!! Save memory and hassle.

Next: We are trying to organize a nice, clean trading, selling and buying site. Got the picture, we will not accept any image links to anything that exceeds the boundry of normality. You are more than welcome to create links to any place on the web to display your stuff, but background images we find or others find to be a problem will be removed as we see fit.

No nudity, bad language and no rude stuff. Besides there is plenty of space on the web for that. This space is for the normal people. Ok when you find the definition, let us know.

Until then, we will make the call.

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