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GarageSaleHomePage has been started as partnership that welcomes the involvement of others. We know that for anything to get better, it takes teamwork. From that spirit, we strive to constantly improve the products and services we provide. In order to do that, GarageSaleHomePage will need to continue to increase the capacity and performance of our data systems on an accelerated level. In order to do this, we believe the users and investors play an integral part in the success of the GarageSaleHomePage system. Our goal at GarageSaleHomePage is to mature this system into a service that maintains the most cost effective way for individuals to buy, trade and/or sell items to the largest audience without the hassles of auctions.

GarageSaleHomePage was formed in Arizona in 1999 as a legally recognized corporation named GarageSaleHomePage.Com, Inc. This company was established with 400,000 of the 1 million total shares of interest in the company initially being made available for public investment. We fully intend to make such an investment in GarageSaleHomePage.Com just that, an investment. We are fully aware of the market place and feel that this service when completed has the capability to out perform other advertising methods and will have as large a user base as any of the popular online auction services. Bottom line, we have paved the way for others by using the others services and made this much more affordable and friendly for you the user. We firmly believe that this approach is far better, and serves the largest group of individuals who want to simply find what they want, when they want, without the hassle of an auction.

For detailed investor information please contact:

Raymond Wright at area code 480-777-0274

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