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Picture item info page.

What Picture for the Garage and Yard owners does.
When you add a 'URL' path to an image for an item in the item editor page, your image will be displayed in the items details page and the fact that a picture is available will be shown in many search result pages. Follow 'URL' rules when you enter the image path. Here are some simple guidelines:
1. Enter the complete URL ("http://yourISP.com/~Yourhome/imagedirectory/imagename.jpg")
2. Do not include the quotes.
3. Do not use spaces in the URL or file name.
4. Use only '.gif' or '.jpg' file types.
5. Use the exact character case (ie;'.GIF' or '.jpg') as you use at the files location.{Some servers will and some will NOT respect character case}
Note: Your URL should not include any of the following:
{Do Not use these}: a:, b:, c: (or any local drive reference), desktop/myimages/pictureofthing.gif

AOL Users
To find help with aol's "My Place" try Key Word "Myplace" and "Nethelp".
To access the FTP tools (to upload images to 'My Place') try Key Word "FTP".

What the Picture icon means.
The picture icon is visable in many search result lists to indicate that an image is available to view for that item.

How to add a Picture to your item description.
In the Garage/Yard editor put the image path (complete URL) in the items 'image' field. If you have already entered an items description and other info you can scroll down in the Garage/Yard editor page and click on the edit button on the same line as the item you want to edit/add an image.
I've added an image to my description but the search results don't indicate the picture is available.
If you add an image path (valid or invalid) to the "image" field in the Garage/Yard editor the search result pages will display the "Picture" available icon. If you add your image to your discription text the "Picture" available icon will NOT be displayed.

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