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Welcome to GarageSaleHomePage.Com

Welcome to our site. Please feel free to make this your place to sell or trade those special items you just can't seem to throw away. This site is also perfect for those items that you want to sell, but only for the right price.

We also want to be the first place you look when you want to find an item. You can search for exactly what you want and then when you get to the Garage you can browse at the other items. This sounds like the best of both worlds.

We feel that the GarageSaleHomePage method is a great way for anybody to sell anything. The way the site is designed, you can sellmore items for your money and do it safer then anywhere on the Web. With our History Center we have made it possiblefor the users to help police the site and make sure no one gets cheated.

Don't just take our word for it, Registration is free and it will allow you to buy any of the items for sale on GarageSaleHomePage.Com. Also check out our other services like the Local GarageSale Seciton.

Any suggestions to make this site better for you would be appreciated, please leave in our HelpUs section.

Thank you.

Send any comments/inquires to info@GarageSaleHomePage.com

Last Modified September 15th,2004

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