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Your Own Virtual Garage information page.

GarageSaleHomePage.Com was founded on the principle that not everyone has the time, resources or training to create a personal web page just to sell something out of their garage.

We also believe that the best for all is accomplished when we match the right person to that one thing they really want. With our system, any individual can create a web presense, to sell just about anything to the rest of the world, without having a lick of programming skills.

Our system allows users to create their own virtual Garage or Yard sale that is open rain or shine and available 24 hours a day no matter what your time zone.

When the user creates an online Yard (30 days) or Garage (90 days) sale, they are provided a simple setup page that permits the seller to create a virtual Garage/Yard with the ability to display as many as 30 items. These items can be added or subtracted by the Garage/Yard owner at will anytime while the sale is open to the public. A user can own multiple Garage or Yard sales as they need as long as each Garage has been established under a unique Garage name (Username).

When you feel your ready to setup your own online virtual garge go to My Garage.

Best of luck, finding that special end user for that Garage treasure you have to sell.

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