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At GarageSaleHomePage.Com, Inc. we strive to provide the best services possible to our customers. With this approach, we realize no two users are at the same user level. We also realize that some people are not yet very internet skilled. The range of user needs is very broad so we are providing the following services:

Image hosting: If your ISP does not provide you with enough space to link an image or you want to add a picture and just don't know how to link a picture to your item, we can help. Although these services are not free they are very reasonable. Send us your pictures and we will create the links and send you the images back in e-mail so you have them for future use. Currently our rates are $1.35 per image from a mailed photograph. This includes linking to your garage, hosting till you sell the item and return mail and e-mail of the image to you. Basically a scanning service that includes free linking to your garage. Simple hosting of images is $0.25 per image for 90 days or until the item sells or your garage or yard sale closes which ever is first.

Garage Hosting: We have already had requests to post garages for people who have never been on the World-Wide-Web. No problem. Tell your friends to call us and we will post and create a presence, quick and online to sell those things for them. Its the kind of advertising that beats the local news papers dollar for dollar. Call 1-480-777-0274 for online posting over the phone.

Surplus inventory liquidation:

Do you or your company have more items than can fit in one of our standard garages? We can help. We at GarageSaleHomePage.Com, Inc. wanted to plan for such valued customers. In you case we have a special program that includes volume discounts and a special way to excess and manage those type of items. For details call 1-480-777-0274 or see our industrial site www.SurplusHomePage.com.

Custom database and online web setup:

Nothing serves better than experience. Our staff and our partners at Office Engineering Consultants can turn any data management problem into an online private or www accesable great service for you and your company. Fast and reliable service that includes training to make your people capable of taking on those major tasks or data management. For details call 1-480-777-0274 or see our engineering site Office Engineering Consultants.

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