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We do business in Arizona Time.

Arizona Time How is Arizona time different?
The State Arizona uses Mountain Standard time, but does not recognize Daylight savings time. This means that residents do not change their clocks at all during the year.

Why Arizona time?
GarageSaleHomePage.Com is based in Arizona therefore all transactions that take place between registered users and GarageSaleHomePage.Com will be conducted using Arizona time.

Does Arizona time affect you?
I most cases it will not, but you may need to know that transactions will take place in Arizona time therefore in some cases transactions with GarageSaleHomePage.Com will go through on the same day regardless of what time it is were you are.

Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)
For everyone who does business in GMT, Arizona is -7 hours from GMT. Please remember that that does not change, the state of Arizona is always -7 hour behind GMT.


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