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GarageSaleHomePage.Com, Inc. is your online Home to advertise and sell the stuff you have in your home or garage. Many items listed in auctions don't sell only because the buyer has not found the seller in the short time the auction has taken place. Garage Sale Home Page solves this problem by giving you a place to keep your items for sale for an extended period of time. Some items will sell quickly and some items could take years to find the buyer. There is no easier way to get your price than with this type of long term exposure. We do not collect a percentage of your sales. We have made it as simple as possible. All you really need to do is Register with us and you can instantly start entering information about your stuff, even upload photos. So, get started now by following the simple registration process with the button above. Good Luck!

Matt & Ray

Send any comments/inquires to info@garagesalehomepage.com

7251 East Ed Rice Ave.
Mesa, AZ. 85208

Special thanks and credits:

We at GarageSaleHomePage.Com, Inc. owe a debt of gratitude to the following people for their friendship advice and efforts to make this a reality in such a short time frame:

Matthew and Amy Hitchon ---> First friends and major contributers.

Julia Cox ---> The coolest girl we know and a great wife. Sorry about those lost lunches.

Shayne Bingham ---> The graphic artist who brought us the coolest garage on earth.

David Chia ---> A true cyber warrior and provider of valuable input to this sight. Also if your looking for some cool images, he has them.

Gary Sterkin ---> Rapidly becoming our public relations agent. Also the first true Garage owner.

Ashley & Kaley Lowry ---> For the chalk drawing in my driveway, that gave us part of the opening page.

Sharon Wright ---> Another special person that puts up with alot, but continues to give me the space to create.

Debra Lowry ---> A friend that provided some valuable feedback.

Ernie Wright ---> Our business adviser and a person who has had a great influence on this project.

Kathy Wright ---> Another business adviser, great sister and a person who has helped us with resources.

Here are a few examples of Garage and Yard Sales:

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