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bePuzzled - Murder in the Wind - A Mystery Jigsaw Thriller with a
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Category:  Toys & Games : Puzzles
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<span style=\"color: #333333; font-family: verdana, arial, helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: small; line-height: normal;\">Solve a Jigsaw Puzzle and a Baffling Mystery! bePUZZLED® mystery jigsaw games are an exciting way for you to play detective! You solve an original whodunit by finding clues in both a mystery story and a jigsaw puzzle. First, read the entertaining short story. Next, assemble the jigsaw puzzle. You\'ll need all your sleuthing skills to solve the mystery! BEWARE! As you assemble the puzzle, you\'ll notice that the picture is different from the box cover... it\'s all part of the unique mystery! A Dead Body? Incredible! That was exactly what Dot and Dan van Dine found when they came to the aid of a yacht in distress. And once they did, their hopes for the perfect sail were sunk for good. Now the only way to get back on course is to solve the crime. So, who murdered the yachtsman? Was it the old hermit trying to protect his beach at any cost? Was it the man from the windjammer after a late night argument? Or the young woman who would do anything to protect her honor? Could it have been some other unseen assailant? One thing is clear, sails aren\'t the only things rigged in this mystery of halyards and homicide! This box contains: The Story \"Murder in the Wind\", an original short mystery The Puzzle is a 20\" x 20\", full-color, 500-piece secret jigsaw with a resealable puzzle pouch for storage. The Solution is printed in mirror type in the back of the story booklet.When you think you\'ve solved the mystery, just hold it up to a mirror to see if your sleuthing was correct. About the Author Susan Kenney can\'t remember when she wasn\'t fascinated by both puzzles and mysteries. In addition to her three full-length mysteries, Garden of Malice, Graves in Academe and One Fell Swoop, she is the author of two novels, In Another Country and Sailing, as well as numerous short works of fiction. Winner of the 1982 Henry Prize for best short story and the 1984 Quality Paperback New Voices Award for best new work of fiction, she teaches creative writing at Colby College in Waterville, Maine</span>

bePuzzled - Murder in the Wind - A Mystery Jigsaw Thriller with a

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